Zirconia Crowns 

Oral and dental health is of great importance as it affects the whole body and offers an aesthetic appearance. People who have tooth and gum problems may also hesitate to smile in public in some cases, and their daily life is negatively affected. Therefore, there are also psychological factors that bring along self-confidence problems.

When there is a problem concerning oral and dental health, the treatment methods applied vary. Zirconium Crown is one of these methods. It can also be used by many people who have good dental health but want to obtain a more aesthetic appearance.

Zirconium treatment is applied as a patient-specific treatment and with the approval of the dentist. The purpose of use is generally for aesthetics. With our solution suggestions given by the expert dentists, it is possible to have more beautiful and attractive teeth. You can contact us 24/7 for details.

What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is a substance produced from porcelain and ceramics. It has a glossy appearance and is durable.
Zirconium, which does not use metal in it, can be used by those who are allergic to metal. It consists of a white substance. The process is done by veneering the tooth surface with the help of this material.

Although it can be used in the front or back teeth, it creates a whole when used in the back part of the teeth. The substance has the following elements in terms of features:
It has a semi-transparent structure. It transmits light and is the most compatible type with the natural teeth.
It has high resistance to oxidation.
It is resistant to unpleasant situations such as cracking and breaking.
It has a solid structure.

As for appearance, it is in the form of natural teeth.
Zirconium Crown, applied by dentists, is also preferred for veneering the tooth surface of patients who want to have a white teeth appearance.

What are the Advantages of Zirconium?

Zirconium is among the treatment methods used especially by many patients. In terms of its advantages, it has features such as:
It has an easily shaped structure.
In case of any color change, it is easily converted to white again.
They have a natural appearance. Thus, it cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.
They do not contain metal.
It is long-lasting and can remain safely in the mouth for many years.
It is resistant to hot and cold foods and does not have a sensitive structure.
However, the dentist decides on the use of Zirconium Crown application. Because it is inappropriate to use if the patient has a large number of missing teeth and when they are side by side.

How is the Treatment Process in Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium Crown process varies according to the patient’s specific condition. The process usually lasts between 7 and 9 days and differs according to the number of teeth.

Local anesthesia is applied to the patient at the beginning of the treatment process. Then the teeth are reduced to their small forms and dental impressions are taken. Then, according to these measurements, temporary and fixed teeth are produced specifically for the patient.

Since zirconium is applied specifically to the patient, necessary trials are also done. If the patient does not like it and requests changes, necessary corrections are provided. Thus, after the veneers are made correctly, they are cemented to the tooth.

Following the recommendations of the dentist after the procedure is completed prevents the teeth yellowing. However, if the yellowing occurs in any case, teeth whitening is performed.

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