We care about your smile.

With our Istanbul-based clinic, we bring you healthy teeth and a warm and shining smile.

 Dental health has a high impact on general health and the daily life.  With this awareness, we recommend our patients not to neglect their dental treatment, and we provide the best treatment with our specialist doctors and our high-standard clinic.

As Regal Dent;  

 » Implant Treatment
 » Aesthetic Dentistry
 » Smile Design
 » Orthodontics 
 » Periodontology
 » We provide services in these fields. 

In our clinic;

 1  Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgeon
 4 Specialist Doctors
 1 Orthodontist
 1 Periodontologist
 6 Physician Assistants serve with the team.

We use up-to-date technology to facilitate the operation process of our doctors in dentistry.  We use all facilities for successful operations with 5 treatment units and additional equipment of high standards, x-ray unit within the clinic and our special laboratory.

 Our doctor, assistant and translator, who take care of you during the treatment process, gives you full support in the post-treatment period.

 Apart from the treatment, you can contact us for any questions you have during your stay in Istanbul. Our translator team is ready to assist you at any time.

 Healthy and shining teeth give you self-confidence. All you have to do is contact us.

Our expert dentists are here to answer your questions. You can get answers to your questions by sending us a message.