Full Mouth Dental Implant

Full Mouth Dental Treatment is a comprehensive treatment process that improves significant tooth and gum problems. It is applied for individuals with multiple damaged teeth, missing teeth and gum problems.

Treatments Included in
Full Mouth Dental Treatment

Full mouth dental treatment is applied as a specialised treatment according to the patient’s oral and dental condition. The process involves a thorough assessment of the condition of the teeth, including cavities, fractures, cracks, jawbone health and gum condition by our specialised doctors. Treatment is then planned based on this assessment.

This treatment may include procedures:

Full mouth dental treatment aims to improve a person’s dental health in its entirety. Healthy and properly shiny teeth provide a warm smile and comfort in life. The main purpose of this treatment is the treatment of teeth, but aesthetic intervention is also our priority.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

The treatment of missing teeth is very important for maintaining the health of other teeth and the jawbone. Since untreated missing teeth can lead to jawbone loss and damage to neighbouring teeth, dental implants are the most important part of full mouth dental treatment. Dental implants are the most effective solution for replacing missing teeth, restoring proper speech and chewing, and improving daily life.

Full Mouth Dental Treatment in Turkey

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