Teeth Whitening

Over time, the porous enamel structure of the teeth becomes discolored and darkened due to natural or unnatural reasons. Teeth whitening is an application in order to remove this image.

With this process called bleaching, it is possible to achieve white and bright teeth in a very short time.
Teeth may get dark depending on many factors. In this case, when people participate in social environments, they sometimes cannot laugh as they wish and act naturally. Thus, over time, a lack of self-confidence and shyness also occur.

Teeth whitening is a procedure used by many people nowadays. Today, developing technology reflects its effect on the medical sector as well. Thus, there are many options that can be used in teeth whitening. Laser zoom teeth whitening is one of them.

Our clinic offers you different whitening solutions for whiter and brighter teeth with expert dentists.

What are the causes of discoloration in teeth?

– There are many reasons behind the discoloration of the teeth:
– Discoloration that occurs after amalgam filling,
– Taking antibiotics during pregnancy
– Using antibiotics in infancy
Discoloration after the use of elements such as mouthwash, red wine, tobacco, coffee and tea for a long time,

In addition to these, lifelong physiological discoloration is also seen as a factor. During devital teeth whitening, colored inorganic and organic elements that occur in the dentin and porous enamel structure are cleaned with whitening gels.

Laser Zoom Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a product of developing technology. After each soft tissue is isolated using a barrier, the treatment is completed quickly. It is possible for patients to see the result in a short time. Sensitivity is not observed in the gums and teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening technique is done using special LED light. During the session, a protector is applied. After the session is over, protection is continued by using vitamin E. This method, which has been put forward as a result of a long research, is power assisted whitening.

How Is Laser Assisted Teeth Whitening Done?

Before laser assisted teeth whitening, the dentist checks the patient’s suitability for the treatment. If there is no problem in performing the procedure, dental cleaning is done in the first session. Then a protector is attached to prevent damage to the lips and gums. Afterwards, gel is applied to the tooth and irradiation is given at 30-second intervals.

However, the irradiation time varies according to both the patient and the device used. After the procedure, the teeth is cleaned of gel. The protector placed in the mouth is removed. There are some people to whom the procedure cannot be applied;

– Patients undergoing cancer treatment
– Those under the age of 18,
– People with serious gum problems,
Patients taking non-prescription, prescription or homeopathic photoreactive drugs or substances,

There is not definitive scientific data on the use in women during pregnancy. However, it is not recommended.

When laser teeth whitening is completed, the teeth can easily interact with external colored elements for the following 15 days. In order to avoid this, all recommendations of the dentist should be followed.

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