Dental Prosthesis

Dental prosthesis is applied in case gums, teeth and surrounding tissues damaged for any reason. The dental prosthesis is produced completely specifically for the jaw structure.
Prosthesis application can be done for only one tooth, or it can be preferred for all teeth.

However, the priority is the preservation of the patient’s existing teeth. Each person’s bone color is different and prostheses are produced according to the person’s bone. Thus, it does not differ from normal teeth in terms of appearance. The main purpose of the application is to restore the chewing ability of the patient.

Full Denture

Dentures are also applied to patients who have lost all their teeth. This treatment method is preferred if the person has lost all their teeth due to osteoporosis, trauma and caries. With the help of the upper and lower tissues, the prostheses are placed.

In this method, cheek and lip look full with the help of prosthesis. Thus, the face acquires a younger profile. At the same time, a more beautiful smile is obtained with the aesthetic arrangement of the teeth.

During the application phase, after the maxillofacial x-rays are taken, the measurements are taken and the type of prosthesis is determined. At the same time, a report is prepared taking into consideration the opinion of the patient. Afterwards, the data is sent to the laboratory and production is made.
he prosthesis obtained is sent to the dentist and rehearsed with the patient. If no editing is required, the processes are completed.

Precision Attachment Dentures

If the patient cannot be treated using fixed dentures and there is a high number of missing teeth, precision attachment dentures are used. In practice, slots are prepared in the teeth and placed with holders.
Because precision parts are used here, it is very tight at the time of first use. However, it gets easier to use over time. Due to its sensitivity, removal process should be done carefully and carefully.

Dental Hook Prosthesis

Dental hook prostheses, which are a method used in denture applications, are also called partial dentures. If fixed prostheses cannot be applied to the patient for any reason, this method is preferred.

  • The prosthesis is attached to the tooth in front of the edentulous area with the help of a hook. It provides an easy use by getting support from the teeth. Patients should pay attention to the following while using it;
  • Physician check-ups should be done regularly.
  • After removal, it should be carefully cleaned and removed from germs.
  • Brushing the prosthesis by using hard objects will damage its shape and structure. Thus, the usage time of the prosthesis will decrease.
  • Hot water causes damage to the prosthesis.
  • It is structurally fragile.
  • It should be cleaned at least 2 times a day.
  • Once the denture is removed, the mouth should be cleaned before reattaching.
  • The prostheses must not be dried. After removal, it should be taken into a clean glass of water.

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