Hollywood Smile

Get the shining smile of actors with Hollywood Smile Design. Smiling is of great importance in every person’s life. Conditions such as tooth loss, abnormal colouration, decayed teeth and gum diseases also affect people’s social lives. In some people with these conditions, it can cause problems such as lack of self-confidence.

For this reason, many people prefer to have dental applications to improve dental aesthetics and have a better smile. As a result of the procedures, people can behave more comfortably in public and smile with self-confidence.

In this way, smile design can also be applied to people with healthy teeth.

These procedures, also known as Hollywood smile, are specially made for patients. If you want to have more beautiful smiles, our clinic offers you effective solutions in this regard.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile process is the procedures performed to make the gums and teeth look natural and more aesthetic. Not only patient needs but also face shapes are taken into consideration.

Important factors when performing Hollywood Smile:

  • Gender,
  • Facial Structure,
  • Character and so on. Therefore, each application is specially designed for the patient. Before Hollywood Smile, gum diseases and caries, if any, are treated. Afterwards, the teeth are cleaned.

After these procedures, the application is planned according to the needs of the patients and other parameters.

Generally preferred methods are as follows:

How is Hollywood Smile Procedure Performed?

The number of sessions required for Hollywood Smile applications varies from person to person. The first session is also an examination session and the following procedures are performed:

  • Digital measurements of the teeth are taken by means of a 3D intraoral scanner,
  • Photographs were taken,
  • The design is determined individually for the patient,
  • Digital smile design is done with the help of the 3Shape intraoral scanner,
  • Then, when the agreed design is finished, it is shown to the patient.

When the patient’s second appointment date arrives, procedures are performed on the gums and teeth. Digital impressions of the teeth are taken with a 3D intraoral scanner and temporary teeth are used. At the last appointment, the veneer designed specifically for the patient is rehearsed and if the patient is satisfied with the treatment, the treatment is completed.

Since the treatment is patient-specific, necessary arrangements can be made if the patient does not approve the treatment result. For this, the rehearsal phase is performed. If the new arrangement is small, it can be applied in the same session. However, if there are major changes, a new session is needed.

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